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Quick Changeover

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Methodology used to reduce the time to execute process set-ups required when changing between different products or services. Lean systems achieve lower inventory levels through small lot sizes, which in turn require Quick Changeovers.


1. When running errands, you can think of the trip to the store as a changeover. By placing multiple stores in close proximity, shopping malls actually provide a quick changeover between shopping at different stores. This changeover is further reduced when you shop online.

2. In a restaurant setting, the table cleaning and setup is a changeover between different customers, affecting the rate at which customers are served. Another example is the changeover between breakfast and the lunch/dinner menu at a fast food restaurant. If that changeover does not take place quickly, the cycle time of serving customers will be directly impacted.


In the manufacturing arena, large stamping dies commonly took hours to change until the development of quick die change methods (Single Minute Exchange of Die, or SMED). Long changeovers necessitate cycle times well below the Takt time, and hence a buildup of inventory to supply production while the die is being changed. Quick changeover methods have been thoroughly studied and well-documented, with readily transferable lessons-learned that can be applied outside of the traditional manufacturing application.

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