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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

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Total Productive Maintenance is a key concept in lean manufacturing. When production associates take an active, ongoing role in maintaining their production equipment, unplanned breakdowns are reduced and as a result throughput increases.

The key metric in TPM is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


OEE = Availability x Performance Efficiency x Rate of Quality Products

Availability = (Operation Time/Loading Time) = (Loading Time - Downtime)/Loading Time.

Loading Time is the available operating time per shift less planned downtime. Operation Time is the actual working time of the equipment.

There are Six Big Losses that reduce OEE. They are:

Equipment Failure
Setup and adjustment
Idling and minor stoppages
Reduced speed
Process defects
Reduced Yield

With this in mind, it becomes obvious that to maximize OEE, breakdowns and defects must be eliminated.

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